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Why do You need Line Training?

Pilot Line training program helps you increase the amount of hours flown, gain experience in the actual aircraft and get a better job. There was a time when pilot training was sponsored by the airline hiring you. Unfortunately, the situation has changed and only few airlines still apply this policy.
By completing the Line Training program you will collect required hours to reach the career heights you desire. Also, if you choose paid Line Training you gain the chance of selecting the airline which you would love to work for and ability to focus on the job which will bring you everyday pleasure.

How to get started?

If you meet all of the requirements, then it’s time to start your Line Training!
Go to to check out open vacancies
Register and
upload your CV
Apply with your basic information and a resume
Be available to start the program within 2-4 months
Wait for further information with all Line Training program details
Sign a contract and pack your luggage!
Airlines or recruiters usually prefer candidates with at least 100 hours in total (more is better) and high grade of final type rating exam (approximately between 95 – 100 %).


Line training price depends on the type of aircraft. For instance, line training A320 might cost around 40 000€ – 50 000€. Line trainings on less popular aircraft types are normally cheaper.
But don’t worry about it! can help you with bank loan by providing a professional consultation about the whole process.

Success stories

Before starting my Line Training on Airbus A320, I was flying on Beechcraft 1900, and even though it gave me a lot of experience as far as handling skills and the general operation of an airline, it did not prepare me for an aircraft such as the A320.The line training allowed me to become proficient with the aircraft and to integrate my experience gained on my previous plane with the operation of a charter company on A320. All in all, I am very happy I made the investment as it made the transition easier and safer.
Jean-Pierre Siou
I started with my Line Training with the Leased pilot program in July 2014, at Small Planet Airlines. From immediately I felt I did the right choice and I couldn’t be happier to have succeeded at the assessment. The training was very high quality and the environment was very positive and stimulating as a first Pilot job, plus was always keeping me updated about the job opportunities I could have after the first 500 hours. Also, they gave me a chance to stay in Small Planet.
Federico Forte is glad to announce an extraordinary program for Low Hour Pilots.
If you want to start your career in a most effective way – sign up now!

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