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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Benefits

Travel benefits
High Salary
Paid holidays, vacations, insurance plans and retirement programs
Flexible Schedule
Health and life insurance
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Position Description

An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely.
Daily duties may include keeping records of and preforming scheduled maintenance, making emergency repairs,or preparing for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspections.

Salary Outlook

The basic airline mechanic's starting wage dependents on the size of the company, location, experience, and type of aircraft. There are also increases in salary for longevity, licenses held, line work, or shift work. A lead airline mechanic with an A & P certificate and 10 year experience can expect to make in excess of $73,000 per year or $45,00 per hour in hourly positions.

Average Aircraft Maintenance Ebgubeer (AME) Salary:

Canada -$41,768 per year
United States -$61,949 per year
United ArabEmirates -$77,474 per year test
United Kingdom -$51,534 per year
Australia -$52,457 per year

Career Opportunities

Airlines and independent companies that specialize in aircraft maintenance are the major employers of aircraft maintenance engineers. Others work for small employers in general aviation, including business aviation, air tacis, the pilice, air ambulance, surveying, agriculture and pilot training.
Air carriers around the globe take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners and there is already extraordi nary demand of people to maintain these airplains. The need of qualified technicians is increasing rapidly.
According to renowned aircraft manufacturer. Boeing, the need for maintenance personnel is largest in the Asia Pacific region, which will require 268,000 new technical personnel. Airlines in North America will require 127,000, Europe 118,000, the Middle East 66,000, Latina America 50,000, CIS/ Russia 26,000, and Africa 24,000.

New Technicians by region (2016-2035)

Asia Pacific
North America
Middle East
Latin America
World Total


B1 and/or license;
Aircraft engineer qualification;
Type Rating certificate;
Knowledge of maintenance safety
and general engineering practices;
good analytical skills;
Ability to work in multi-site teams;
Ability to work shifts;

How to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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