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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that China will overtake the leading position of the United States and become the world’s biggest aviation market by 2022. Tan Wangeng, the former president of largest airline operator in China – Southern Airlines, has affirmed plans to purchase additional 250 jetliners and reach the total amount of 1000 in just few forthcoming years. And by 2035 China Southern Airlines aims to have a fleet of no less than 2000 aircraft. These numbers indicate that Chinese airlines continue enlarging their fleets at tremendous speed and air traffic keeps growing apace both on domestic and international routes. Although all Asia-Pacific region drives the great demand of airplane travel, China has demonstrated the most remarkable increase between 1998 and 2017 when amount of passengers passing through China’s airports grew significantly from 53 million to 551 million. And what is important, the surge still continues, however, lesser intensivity with average rate of 5.5% is expected in the the near future until 2040. Only Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are predicted to have slightly higher increase in air traffic.

On the other hand, fairly decreasing percentage (when compared to previous decades) does not reflect the real extent of air travel in China. As we know, there are over 1.4 billion Chinese who form the most populous nation in the world. Their population is around 2 times greater than the whole Europe‘s and even 4 times as big as resident population in the U.S. Therefore, to cope with the flow of air passengers, China continuously constructs airports even in more remote provinces like Guizhou, Xinjiang or Heilongjiang. The Civil Aviation Administration of China strives to build 216 new airports by 2035 to meet the immense need for air traveling. Moreover, not only counts of aircraft, airports and passengers are rising. In 2017 the huge amount of 7.06 million tonnes of air cargo were transported by Chinese carriers, too.

Such phenomenally increased rates in aviation are caused by expanded middle class which can now afford traveling overseas as well as can choose air transport for short haul domestic trips. And another impacting contributor is China‘s government that pursues to make sure not only metropolises (for example, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) have international connections. So Chinese airlines are certainly being supported and use municipal government aid to subsidize the costs of operating long haul flights to the United States of America, Europe and other destinations. It is usually thought that Chinese airlines offer lower ticket prices at the expense of in-flight service quality, but recently the disparity is not as noticeable as it was in the past. All in all, financial support of China’s government is of vast importance and this tactic allows the country to expand its economy and develop travel and tourism industry.

If you are looking for aviation career abroad, then you should consider Asia-Pacific as the most promising area at least few upcoming decades. The International Civil Aviation Organization forecasts that this region alone will account for one third of the specialist requirements. And to be more specific, China is assumed to be a primary target for various aviation professionals. Pilots, cabin crew, aircraft technicians, traffic controllers, managers – all are of great demand and can expect best job offers by Asia airlines. In the following section you will find some basic information about the major and minor Chinese airlines that works with. Nevertheless, the list of hiring companies keeps growing and you should always check out the latest job vacancies to learn about new career opportunities in China. When you decide which airline fulfills your needs, you can easily apply for preferred job positions. Finally, if you have any doubts, is ready to guide you through the recruitment process.
Ruili Airlines is a Chinese low-cost airline that provides domestic services to destinations in central and northern China. Established in February 2014, Ruili operates a fleet of nine Boeing 737 airplanes.
Spring Airlines was founded in 2005 by China's #1 domestic travel agency, Spring Travel. Over the past decades, they've become China's premier budget airline with headquarters in Shanghai. The Spring Airlines fleet consists of 68 A320 aircraft.
China Easternis the second Chinese carrier in terms of annual volume of air passengers. Just like China Southern, it was founded in 1988 as a result of the Chinese government's decision. The airline is headquartered in Shanghai and offers 257 destinations to 35 countries but the map of flights constantly expands. China Eastern Airlines also owns subsidiary Shanghai airlines, however, their operations remain separate. Furthermore, this major Chinese airline has over 530 aircraft in its fleet.
Air China is another state-owned airline which aims to be dominating in routes from China to Europe and North America. It was established at the same time as China Eastern and China Southern and has headquarters located in Beijing. The company is among three largest airlines in Asia region based on passengers carried and fleet size. Currently the airline and its subsidiaries serve destinations to 42 countries. Moreover, Air China was the first Chinese carrier to have a network across all six continents.
A subsidiary of Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines is headquartered in China. It operates a network of scheduled domestic passenger flights out of its hub at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The Chengdu Airlines fleet consists of three Airbus A319, twenty-three Airbus A320 and two COMAC ARJ21.
Loong Air Is a Chinese airline with its headquarters in the Loong Air Office Building on the property of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Company operates seventeen Airbus A320 and three Boeing 737.
Hainan Airlines began scheduled transportation in 1993 and during that period has earned Skytrax Five-Star Airline rating for the quality of its services. This major airline is headquartered in Haikou, Hainan Province. It is the fourth largest Asia’s airline and has grown from a small domestic Chinese airline to one of the global leaders with more than 100 routes across the world. Passenger fleet of Hainan Airlines consists of over 240 aircraft (mainly Boeing 737s, 787s and Airbus 330s).
China Southern Airlineswas established in 1988 and today it is the 6th largest airline in the world and the leading aviation company in Asia measured by its fleet size, passengers carried and revenue per year. China Southern headquarters are based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The airline performs over 2000 flights daily to over 200 destinations worldwide. In addition to this, China Southern has earned the Four-Star status from Skytrax which is the most prestigious organization that ranks airlines and airports.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it true that the Chinese medical examination is very tough?
It is a fact that the medical exam in China is stricter than in other countries. This applies to most countries in Asia. However provides you everything you need to know to get you through the medical in China.
Is the Chinese ATPL test a difficult one?
Most of the candidates pass this test quite easily at the first attempt. To prepare your ATPL test, you should review preparation guide which will be provided to you. That will make your study very efficient and save a lot of time.
Is life expensive in China?
Life in China is generally less expensive than in western countries but this is very variable depending on your Airline home base location. Shanghai and Beijing life cost for example equals the average of the most western capital cities.
Anything special I need to know if I'm planning relocation with my family?
Your family will be welcome in China. Airline will help you to apply for a yearly VISA. There are several international schools in China and some of the Universities are currently rated amongst the best in the world!
How long do the initial screenings take?
It depends on different airlines. Normally the process will take 5-7 days.

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